I had envisioned so many "parenting moments" in raising our daughter. How would we guide her, protect her, discipline her (even though she would be perfect and never need any discipline ;) just kidding). I had books and resources all set up for the baby and child rearing years that were ahead of us.

After Grace died, we still had the need and desire to parent our daughter. The following is simply a list of ideas that are helpful in continuing to parent your baby. Doing these different things can help you express your love for that precious little one that is still so much a part of you.

Plant a Tree

Look for a tree that has a significant character, or meaning; like that it blooms each year at the time of your baby's birthday, or a "weeping" willow.

Create a Beautiful Memorial Garden

Place special stones in your garden that have your baby's name, dates of birth/death, and sayings that bring you peace.

Helpful Links for making your memorial garden

A Rustic Garden

Plaques And More

Rock It Creations

Have a Special Time to Reflect/Celebrate Birthday and Anniversary Dates:

Burn a candle throughout the day from time of starting delivery until they passed away, or for their entire birthday.
Ask family and friends to burn a candle in honor of your baby.
Release a balloon or several balloons and write a letter to your baby and attach to the balloon.
Write a letter to your baby and keep with memory box or baby book, or journal.
Go to their burial site, clean the area around the stone, take time to reflect, pray, sing.
Do something for a child in need; give them a celebration or a special day in honor of your baby.
If you have other children have a birthday party with a time of sharing.
Watch the video of your baby's Memorial Service or Funeral. 

Create a Baby Book.

A beautiful way to treasure, hold on to, and share the memory of your baby. The following is a list of some things to consider including in your baby's book.

Your positive pregnancy test.
Pictures of you at various stages of your pregnancy.
Pictures of your ultrasounds.
Pictures of your shower including the invitation.
The pictures taken at the hospital and any other pictures that you might have.
A lock of your baby's hair.
A copy of your baby's footprints and handprints.
A birth certificate.
The baby's arm bracelet given for identification in the nursery.
The graph monitoring/showing the child's heart rate.
A record of the weight and length measurements of your baby.
A piece of the baby blanket your baby was wrapped in.
The cap your baby wore in the hospital.
The baby's death certificate.
The cards and letters written to your family concerning the baby.
Dried flowers from bouquets given to you.
Memorial Service/funeral program.
A copy of an announcement sent out to family and friends of the baby's birth and death.
The doctor's explanation of why the baby died.
Scripture verses that helped you during your suffering.
Poems you wrote or that others gave about your baby.


Give a gift to a child or an organization in honor of your baby.
Set up a memorial fund and give a gift each Christmas for a memorial.
Make up a special arrangement and place at the burial site.

At Home

Set aside a special place to have a memorial with pictures and special items you have set aside for your baby. This way they are never forgotten by others and your family and friends can be reminded of your precious little one.

Have a Locket or Charm made

There are many beautiful lockets which you can purchase and place a picture of your child. You can also engrave a message to your child on them, such as "You are forever in our hearts 12-20-01"

Have a Ring made

Purchase one with your child's birthstone. It is a beautiful and eloquent way to remember them.

Make a Memory Box

Keep a memory box with your child's items in it. Items might include a blanket from the hospital, booties, your baby album, stuffed animals, medical records from your birth, sympathy cards from friends and family, and any other memorial items you may have.

Make a Memorial Quilt & Memorial Recipe Book

Operation Angel Project

Purchase a Star

You can purchase and name a star in memory of your baby.

Name A Star

Buy a Bear

Remember me Bears
Each bear is custom made with that special person in mind and is as individual as the one it represents. Remember Me Bear is dedicated to the glory of our Heavenly Father and the memory of those who lived among us and now rest in His care.

Create a Website or Blog

There are many resources available to commemorate your baby for creating a memorial website or blog.

The Church of the Holy Innocents

The Shrine is dedicated in Memory of the Children who have died Unborn. Children who have died before birth often have no grave or headstone, not even a name. At The Church of The Holy Innocents you may have the name of a child inscribed in a "BOOK OF LIFE" that rests between statues of the Holy Family. Here a candle is always lit in their memory. All day long people stop to pray. Once a month Mass is celebrated in honor of these children and for the comfort of their families.

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